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It is 2hrs past my bedtime but this thought will not let me rest. Picture this, you are going on a 5day trip and need only one bag of clothes to comfortably enjoy your time away. However “I might need this” joined you while you packed and now the suitcase is over flowing with unnecessary items; so much that you are already frustrated and have lost gas for the trip.

Instead if rethinking your moves and reducing the luggage, you take a deep ancestral sigh and decide to sit on the case, allowing your weight to squeeze the zip together so you can lock it with pseudo ease and burning fingers. In your head, you are hoping that the zip does not break or burst considering the fact that it is fighting for it’s life. Murphy’s law takes this chance to shine and breaks the zip, just like you imagined! Tears everywhere and you doubt you will make the journey.

The trip is life in an ideal perspective- exciting, free and joyful. Our minds are the suitcase. The luggage is the good or bad things we have experienced or thoughts. “I might need this” is the attitude with which you chose to maneuver the trip.

Decluttering the suitcase would have been the realistic thing to do because deep down, you know you will not wear everything; but we often over look reality because we like to feel good. As Apostle Grace says, “there is no greater pain that pleasure.”

Our minds are the suitcase. We can only contain a number of unresolved trauma. It is only a matter of time before you snap and lose the will to live. The mind is like a wardrobe, for easy access and clarity, you must organize your clothes (thoughts) in a way that prioritizes the necessary items. The jeans you wear often should not be at the far back under a heap of dresses. Do I make sense?

Which is why I emphasize talking as much as possible. In the hope that you have found the right source for comfort, guidance or both. There are a lot of things you need to be free from in order to enjoy the journey of life; like unsolicited opinions, unquestioned beliefs, inherited trauma, guilt, shame, bad habits and so on.

Organize your mind. Forget what needs to be forgiven. Heal what needs to be healed and graciously carry what needs to be carried.

Easier said than done, but not impossible. It is a worthwhile process I have taken through prayer, therapy, writing and listening to my intuition. Everyday, I make a conscious decision to carry the right thoughts and attitude for my journey.

With grace and tenderness, I am slowly realizing who I can be — Fully known. Fully accepted. Fully loved.

Keep On Living🌻




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