Rebuilding Confidence

Image: Eye for Ebony
Image: Sydney Rae

Lets change the narrative:

  1. If you can shoulder the consequence of said action, just do it! This will require a little impulse because you don’t want to stare long enough for the picture to become ugly.
  2. Read!!! I cannot emphasize enough how being knowledgeable has boosted my confidence. Books are a great inexpensive place to start from along with listening to likeminded people via podcast, documentaries and YouTube. Be careful not to over dilute your source though — don’t copy, learn.
  3. Stay delusional. This is dangerous but what is life without risk? So what if your vision does not fit their reality? If your mind can visualize something, it can surely bring it to fruition. Staying delusional will equally ensure your unwavering focus and persistence.
  4. No body knows for you. I say this all the time and I mean it. You do not know what it takes for me to show up every single day and that alone keeps me super confident. I know that regardless of the situation, I will always rise up therefore your opinions have little to add unless solicited.
  5. Leave no room for negativity. As a recovering cynic, I have realised that since I started saying yes to myself and believing in possibilities, life has been smoother. Of course I am struggling occasionally but things are easier with a shifted perspective. I woke up one morning and said “I’m a damn good writer” and all the mental blocks dissolved. Regardless of the comments, I am good at this and will stay doing it!



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